Thursday, February 9, 2012

Frozen alive

Brrrr. Frozen alive is what I currently am. Just back from the marina. Brrr. Things are bad, very bad. Brrr again. When reality looks like this, it's time to go inside and sail. More brrrrrr.
Todays view from the real marina
Ofcourse that's unless you have an iceboat like Fred does. Still, iceboating must be cold as nothing I've ever experienced. Just imagine the windchill factor from the apparent wind on a beat at a hundred kilometers per hour. 

Frozen alive is also the title of a pretty hot Albert Collins album, so bring on the heat... Cause I need it. In fact bring on the Icebreakers as well... I got a cold cold feeling...

Todays view from the virtual marina
Virtual reality looks better and better. Don't you agree? Even without real beers and strawberry margaritas. Incidentally, the boat shown here is that very same boat I used in the cinemagraph.


  1. Hey Noodles, thanks for the cool Albert Collins video. The Master of the Telecaster ;)


  2. Yeah! Funny how a cool sound can be hot ;-)

  3. Yeah, and how cool chics are HOT.


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