Thursday, August 21, 2014

Powerboat show

There is a powerboat show running at Tradewinds. I dropped by to catch a glimpse of all those peace-disturbers before I went shopping for TNT.
As if I'd do such a thing. Nah. However, I always keep old ropes and have them ready to throw out overboard. Just in case some fired up gazoline-sniffer comes too close, hehe.
Carpenters corner
Seriously, it is a nice show. There's loads of fancy looking smokers, and there's even a carpenters corner, where you can see how boats are built.
There's only one problem with the boatbuilders shed. It is way too tidy to look real, but apart from that there's a lot of really nice details.
Check the two pics above here. It would seem one is the unfinished version, and the next one is what it looks like when finally done - after 7 layers of varnish and wax and what's nuts.
Miami Vice
Not into classics and oldtimers? Go modern. This looks kinda like Miami Vice. Ok, it's like what... 30 years ago, so even Miami Vice is now officially antiquated. Still, I am sure there are fans out there.
Let's tan
Me, I am not really a fan of anything that antiquated, noisy and environmentally incorrect, but this next one got my attention. Now I just need a bikini and a drink... how come these things don't have drink dispensers?
Japan is also represented
Anyway, there's enough to see if you're into this sort of thing. I'll admit that some of these boats look really nice, and it's clear that the builders put a lot of work and pride in their creations. Too bad most of the boats cannot be taken for a testride. The roaarrrs that you'd expect to hear at a show like this are kinda absent. But it's still worth a visit. Definately.

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