Sunday, July 29, 2012

Go Jonas

Whoa! First boat at the first mark, and with a margin... That's mayby a littlebit surprising but very nice.
Very nice indeed


Weeee!!! What a win. Start first and stay there. What an absolutely lovely, - no wait - spectacular race. And in Paul Elvstrøms favourite boat, - the Finn. More Weeeee :-D

GEEZZZZ, - twice! Two firsts in one day; Doesn't get much better...

Second life sailors, - note the little wind arrow mounted on many boats... very much like the one we have on the Shelly Fizz.


  1. I shall be down in Weymouth tomorrow cheering on Ben Ainslie!

    But the Visit Denmark team let me go on their tall ship so hurrah for Maja's sailors .

  2. Still no access to the web and TV hardly shows anything. At least they showed the first of the 49ers races - WOAH! Congratz Denmark for second place in a spectacular finish.

  3. Looking good so far. JP, it seems you need to cheer a little louder and cheer up :-D Those 49er dudes are also doing a decent job. Yay! That finish, Orcs.. Imagine being out there... The first place so close and then...


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