Monday, October 17, 2011

U-Boat observed at Tradewinds

You never know what you get - sailing the SL waters. A little while ago, I was at Tradewinds to get my usual dose of sailing. All was good. Clear blue sky, rather flat water and good winds, when a strange shadow in the water caught my eye.
There was a gurgling sound and then a diesel started and this monster broke the surface. Gaaah, I got the creeps. Reminds me of the U-96 from Das Boot. Probably the creepiest movie I ever saw.
Not excactly a cosy view
I followed it for a bit. It sailed down south. It stayed topside. Probably because of the shallow water off the coast of Tradewinds. Not sure what it will do down south. Hopefully it won't try to sink my friends oiltanker. That's gonna make a h... ehm... a mess.
Here's a top view. Looks Japanese. I wonder if they really had wooden decks on their WWII subs. It's probably less slippery when wet, compared to an iron deck. Below, is a clear sideview. A rather "dark side-ish" view, don't u think? The details of the ship are good though. Maybe that's what makes it creepy.
A threatening view
There are other creepy ships in here. I've seen a huge battleship. Can't remember the name, but it was the size of Iowa. I instantly decided not to cover that kinda stuff here, but... This sub turned up right under my feet, and it got to me. Giving me the shivers.
Entering the Blake Sea.
This is where I left it, - disappearing into the depth of the Blake Sea. Brrr... I am gonna stay out of there for a while. It's a good thing, we have the beautiful North Sea, though I suppose those subs are there too. Anyway, I rushed back to Tradewinds and went smooth sailing in my lovely Bolero. Such a nice way to get rid of dark and negative mindsets. Pure zen-sailing. 

PS: Just another brrrr.

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