Monday, September 26, 2011

Runaway J

Just sat on the pier at Tradewinds; Thinking about all the new boats coming out these days. Balduin called. We talked about the  updated Cotton Blossom. It's sooo nice. I'll post my notes with some pictures in the foreseeable future.
What a fine ship.
All of a sudden a J-class sailed past. Took a closer look, and whoa... there was noone at the helm. It read Columbia somewhere on the side of a skylight, but otherwise there was no ID. Looked it up and found an article about it at Trudeau's website. Apparently it is a live aboard model. A really nice one.
Pretty and majestic.
Maybe I should have a closer look at the Columbia some time. Would be nice to have a bedroom  slightly bigger than the Bolero. Well, that will have to wait. Right now I need to test the updated Cotton Blossom. It is bigger than the Bolero, but since it's a racer, there's no berths.
Wonder if it clears that next island.
The Columbia... what a dream boat. Lil big for casual cruising; She's not built for crossing the Atlantic either. Built for speed. Wauw! Gotta run... need to call the coastguard about the "Runaway J" out there before someone gets hurt.

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