Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cutter sailing

Again, I logged in to test Traps navigation device. After a few minutes at Tradewinds, Rene arrived in her latest project, - a  cutter. I gotta tell you... this might not be a racing boat, and it sure isn't a modern boat like the Moth or the Q-2m, but she is an absolute beauty, and she sails like a dream.
Me sailing Renes beautiful cutter
Just have a look! Click the image and resize to full screen. Huh! I will gladly admit I never expected a cutter to be this pretty; This is a ship, not some weird plastic critter. And the sailing?? Absolutely fabulous. The sailing has the same kind of dynamics as does the RM8; Very lively, but well adjusted to a boat this size.
Full speed ahead...
The hull movement caused by waves and the heel feels so natural. The sails look extremely good, and despite their complexity they are easy to trim. It was very easy to sail this boat even without any hud, vane, or info display. Just me, the sails, the boat and the heel. Did a 360 to establish wind direction; The rest was easy as pie. Lovely.
Going back north to Tradewinds.
So what would I do with a boat like this? Dunno really. Racing? Seems a little funny, but I suppose they raced these in the old days. Still, the chance of creating a racing class of cutters seems unlikely these days. However, should I ever need to arrive at a party by boat, this would be a fine choice. I am gonna get one of these. Definately.

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