Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Trudeau Twelve

Everybody knows what a T-1000 is, so here's a post on the T-12. Something entirely different. For starters, it's a boat from the past, not a robot from the future. Let me just add that it is a pretty boat, kinda Cat-like. Here's a picture:
See? Cat-like. It is of course the Trudeau 12. That's probably why it looks a bit like the Trudeau LeetleCat II, only this one has a jib. Once again, I was actually at Tradewinds YC to test Traps navigation thingy, but sailing the T-12 was too much of a temptation. I can get back to that (lovely) Nav thing soon enough.
Off to see the islands...
Off we went. Rounded that little island out there, and tried different wind forces and angles. The boat has to be sailed pretty actively, which I like. I mean, it's not a car. What I don't like about the steering is the lee helm. Experienced sailors see that as an indication of bad setup of the mast and rigging. A slight weather helm means good trim.
The crew can move about to balance, and the beautiful sails must be trimmed, reefed even if winds are too strong.Downwind sailing is a breeze. Always is, but the T-12 can wing the jib, much like the Quest-2m; Nice option to have, when there is no spin to hoist. We're a bit off balance here, as you can see. However, I am not sure how to balance a T-12, so then again, maybe we're good.
The sailing is good. Nice sounds, realistic movement, and the fact that the crew has to be part of the balancing makes sure noone falls asleep. The windvane at the top of the mast works, but it is a little unstable, probably by design. Maybe it just needs ironing. Dunno.
Almost there
Feedback to the trimmer is not very realistic. The sails have no telltales, but there is a hud with angles an stuff. It is nicely made, but huds... they just aren't my thing. I want to feel the boat, not read it on a display. Yes, the sails flap when loose, but there is no indication of too tight; Except excessive heel. Those lines in the sail are reefing lines - in case you wonder.
Sails down, and off to explore the island.
All in all this is a very nice, easily sailed little cruising boat, and I'd choose it anytime for a comfortable afternoon cruise with tea and bisquits. Should you end up in vacuum, there is an inboard engine. If you get lost, there's a cockpit tent. However, inexperienced sailors might miss a trim indicator. For racing I'd miss a vane, compass, telltales and also vinddrift. Thanx for the ride, Trap.

Update: According to Orca the lee helm has been fixed.


  1. I can't wait til I can sail in S.L.! There's always a steady light wind but no chop or opposing currents. Wow! Am I ready for that!

  2. Not always; Choosing a boat such as the Flying Fizz, you can almost have it all. Shifts, gusts, chop, currents. If you like strong winds, that can be arranged too :-D


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