Saturday, August 13, 2011

Flying Fizz racing

Had a great day racing. Started with two wins in the Shelly Fizz of the coast of Tradewinds Yacht Club.  The Shelly Fizz is still a great little boat with many realistic features. Then I went on to race the Flying Fizz, and phew... I gotta tell ya: I need more practice. First race I came 6th out of 7. Bad start. Didn't know the way round the course. Capsize and what not.
El Megro hunting me back home...
Nope. These aren't excuses, - just explanations. If you don't win, then at least analyze and realize why you didn't. This one is easy. You can't win a Fizz race, if you aren't sharp. The Fizz nuts know their stuff. That's why I don't have pictures from the race; There is no way I can take pictures while racing.
I waited a little as u can see on my telltales
So, these pictures here are from right after the races, when I raced ElMegro back home to Tradewinds. I hope you can see the action. Anyway, the second race was much better. Good start, good boatspeed and will you look at that... I came second, or was it third? What's important is, that it's possible to beat these Fizz-nuts.
Close race the rest of the way to Tradewinds
Didn't win the third race, but I didn't come last either, so I was happy. After not racing the Fizz for ages... more than half a year, this was encouraging... What's even more encouraging is that we sailed  under full ISAF rules, - and even better... people start to know and act by the rules. Some even withdrew after making a mistake. Protests were handled with a smile, and Silber Sands did a great job as RD. Thanx all for a great time.
Back at Tradewinds after a great sailing time
So, - here's me back at Tradewinds Yacht Club - all smiley and light-hearted, - and a bit tired after some great and fun sailing. Yum. Let's have some more.

More pictures of me and my Flying Fizz in No Comments.

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