Monday, August 22, 2011

Power Elixir

Speaking of powerboats, - this summer I actually tried one. I was out sailing with friends, visiting a small island; Just a short sail from Tradewinds, and this dude appeared out of nowhere motoring about. He had such a funny name, Zimzalabim. I simply had to go and say hi.
Riding with Zimzalabim
Never really liked powerboats. I guess it has to do with too much city life. The noise and the smell of machines, cars, trucks and trains. Besides, the concept of relying on an engine just isn't my cup of tea. However, "Zim" persuaded med to go for a ride in his gorgeous Elixir, built by Eta Carver.
Full speed ahead, Tradewinds in the rear mirror
Eta Carver is well known for many fun projects such as paragliding and RC-sailing. Like most of her projects, this one is not only what it appears to be. There's more. This boat comes with wakeboarding. I am gonna try that sometime and post about it. Never tried it RL, but I suppose its kinda like snowboarding.
Off the coast of Schiffsratten YC,
So what else can you do with a powerboat like this? Well, it will take you around the beautifull islands of the southern seas in the blink of an eye. So it's good for exploring sailable areas. I suppose it's good for picking up girls as well, so here's me cruising on the backseat.
Cruising... looking for the minibar.
I was kinda expecting to find a minibar, but it wasn't there. I guess drinking and driving at these speeds really isn't a good cocktail anyways. Luckily I had a virtual coke in my backpack. Anyways, "Zim" sailed around, while I enjoyed the view and almost felt the virtual wind in my hair.
Back home at Tradewinds YC.
Thanx for the ride. For a powerboat this one is really nice. Classy looking, and with a lot of lovely details. Room for at least four people plus the driver, wakeboarding, sunbathing and.. well, bring your own drinks.

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