Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Virtual Callypso

Just back from a rainy sailing holiday. Yuck. I logged in to sunny Tradewinds Yachtclub to see what's been going on. Ok, so they found a winner of the ACA 2011. Congrats. Details on metaversesailing. Talked to Bea about the new ACA boat version 3.1. Much improved it seems. More on that later.

Tradewinds is running a powerboat show, and I will shoot a few pics from that later, but what did I see, when I logged in?? I saw an almost mythical ship, and here it is:
The mythical ship at Tradewinds
It is of course Jacques Cousteau's Callypso. I've said it before. The creativity in Second Life never stops to amaze me. Look at all the details.
Details, details, details...
It is a faithfull replica of the ship, complete with the helicopter, zodiacs, and the little sub. Yup, it's all there. Amazing to walk around on this ship, which - I suppose - most people have seen on TV.

Here's another view. I also sat in the heli, but I didn't know the commands to fly it. Kudos to Jacques for his amazing work for the ocean and its inhabitants, and what a beautiful build by Sweecahcahche Ah. Hope I got the name right. The rainy holiday? Someone asked me to share a few pics. Not sure it fits this sailing blog though. Will think about it.

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