Friday, August 5, 2011

Cutter sailing revisited

After a vacation it is usually time to tidy up and stuff. When you do that, you often find old - and sometimes dear -  belongings long forgotten. That's how I found this:
The Seagull sailing at sunset somewhere west of Tradewinds.
It is called the Seagull. And here I was thinking the cutter from ReneMarine was my first cutter..! Ok, so maybe Rene's cutter is a bit more detailed, but this one actually sails pretty well for its age. It has a BWIND sailing engine, and it comes with that nice little trimming vane that changes colour indicating the trim.
Sunset on a beautiful beach...
The boat is very easy to sail. It also seems quite stable. I went for a longer ride. Sailed west through Balduins Channel from Tradewinds, then down south through Knaptrackicon and then - after a while I turned east to reach the Blake Sea. Then up north and home to Tradewinds. All this with no crash.
A narrow passage...
Quite amazing actually. The boat also has room for passengers, so it is well suited for relaxed cruising with friends. However, it might be - in this version - it is a little outdated. Not sure if a newer version is out. Didn't seem like it. Never mind that. It is not a racing boat, but it sails well. I wouldn't mind taking the Seagull off shore.
Open sea ahead
I've never met the builder, Tomha Zymurgu. I went to his shop, and you can still get the Seagull there; It is also available in the shop at Tradewinds. BTW, there is something more exciting at Tomha's shop... a dinghy called the Flying Dolphin; Sadly it wasn't for sale.
Back home through Blake
Anyway, as you can see, the Seagull is a great cruiser; I had a very nice time sailing her, and there are plenty of places to go cruising, so no excuse... go see the islands.


  1. for a virtual game I actually thought these pictures were real, amazing!

  2. Yup; It is pretty darn amazing. That sunset takes my breath away, which is a good thing in a record-rainy summer like this one. In fact SL can be so bright u gotta wear shades. Now, where did I put mine... Anyway, glad u liked the pics.


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