Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sharp-tooth isle

This is really just a post to share an amazing view. There's no story behind it. So here it is: The view from "Sharp-tooth isle". That's what my grand-grand-grand-grand...very-much-more grand parents called it. More on that in another post. Look it up, if you are too curious to wait. Again, the view:
Me on Sharp-tooth isle
Don't look at me. Click the image, and see what's behind me. Ok, maybe there is a little story in this post after all. But it aint much. As usual I logged in to get my sailing kicks at Tradewinds, and what do I see? A beautiful ship at Tradewinds YC. That's not unusual, but wait... it is a ship I know. I have seen it in RL. I have even seen it sailing in RL. Many times.
Me enjoying the view over Blake
I wrote the builder right away, and he responded by giving me the opportunity to actually sail the boat, and that's how I ended up here on this piece of rock in the middle of the Blake Sea. You see, - the boat crashed. No! Not me crashing the boat by running aground here. I took the inshore navigation class. Another kind of crash, that rarely happens in RL. Sometimes virtual sailing suffers from computer related problems.
Is this sunset for real?
I won't blame the boatbuilder, and that's not what this post is about anyway. It is about the view. By sheer accident I happened to be in this spot, when that ship passed. Yes, it is a digital world. Yes, in many ways it cannot compete with the real thing, but seeing that ship out there, simply took my breath away. It is pretty, don't you think? Oh, and Sharp-tooth isle? Be my guest, - guess!

So many pretty views and sceneries. I ought to do a series just on that. Check the night swim, and here's a few shots from Fruit Islands. Definately also worth a visit.

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