Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Testing 1, 2, 3

After flying comes sailing. That's the order of nature. Eventually, you run out of fuel, and chances are you will land on water...
Ahh, back on water
So here we are; Steavano and me, off the coast of Pslande. Tradewinds YC up ahead north. Ahh... these waters are so enchanting.
Steering clear of those reefs
Anyway, we're testing this boat. Yes, it might seem familiar, and sure enough, - it is somewhat similar to Becca's Baby Sloop. With a few enhancements. Yes, it looks different, but the really interesting stuff is on the inside. Hidden in the scripts that make it sail.
Tradewinds up ahead
We had a wonderful time sailing this, and it's an absolutely worthy update. Super low lag, fantastic sim crossing, easy to sail, plus more which I am not allowed to reveal. Yet. However, it is very interesting. Boatbuilders will absolutely want this. The future of virtual sailing looks so bright you better wear shades.

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