Friday, March 25, 2011

Naked Night Swim

I always thought night sailing was a very special experience. Tried it quite a few times in RL; Both racing and cruising. So, I wanted to see if the ambiance of a night sail can be replicated in SL. I checked the weather forecast, chose my most relaxing boat, the Bolero, and off I went... 
Trying to capture that special night ambience...
The essence of a beautiful night cruise is the silence, the darkness of the sea, and the huge twinkling bubble above. It is the perfect reminder of how small we are. The navigation by light houses and bouys raises your awareness, as you need to be just a bit more sharp on the navigation. 
Me cruising at night, looking for a spot...
This raised awareness extends into your entire body. The scent of coffee gets more intense. The digestives taste better. Peace and love fill your heart. However, in SL navigation is a bit different. We do not have navigational charts; We see the bouys and all the lighthouses, but sadly they aren't plotted on the map.
Let's go for a swim
One thing that is really great in SL is, that it can be a hot summer night, - every night. After a night cruise, nothing is better than a swim at sunrise. Sails down, anchor out, kettle on, clothes off and splash... Get right in. My watch tells me it's just above 21 degrees C; That's roughly 70 degrees F.
Skinny dipping, standing on my toes.
Ahh, and there is no need to wear a bikini, because there is no one around. Perfect opportunity for skinny dipping. If this isn't relaxing I dunno what is. The everyday treadmill is far far away it seems. Uh, thats the kettle whistleling... Lets get up and have a hot coffee and yet another Digestive, and then...
A little nap before sailing home.
Down below for a nap; I will probably wake up in a few hours, when the sun heats up the boat. Then it is sails up and back home before lunch. So, what do you think? Is it unreal? I know I did this in RL with a few beers and a few friends. To me it looks almost too real to be true. The feeling, the ambiance, the relaxing mindset, - it's all there. You can definately enjoy night sailing in SL, and perhaps it could even set the scene for romance... Now, where do I click to get a blanket?

Psst! The sailing in SL is keeps getting and better with new boats such as the Q-2m, the IOD and the Bolero.


  1. Hey Noodles :)

    Seems you had a very nice cruise, and you managed very well to show the mood of it in your article. Nice one!

    When seeing the pic how you relax in the cabin of your Bolero, it reminded me to a vid which I made a while ago:




  2. Thanks. you put me in the mood to get my big boat from winter storage back into the water. Need something different after Moth Fest in Spain. Want to see the islands again...

  3. Islands; We have plenty of islands in the Blake Sea and the surrounding areas, but Kattegat is also good.

  4. I really enjoyed reading that... you definitely caught the essence of your trip. Thanks for sharing :o)


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