Thursday, September 12, 2013

Plywood City

Here's a followup on Plywood City. These shots are a few days old, but they serve to document the process. I'd expect it looks way better today. This first shot was taken from the churchbell tower.
View from the Churchbell tower
Obviously, buildings begin to look like real buildings. There's all sorts of details still waiting to be 3D-ed. Like that lion there in the front. That tallship in the back has changed colour too, but parts of the Marina is still plywood.
The Marina
Here's a view from the Marina towards the city. It is definately not only taking shape but also taking colour. I like this picture. It's so surrealistic the way it is blending mockup and reality. I'm unable to remember the names of all the people there, but I see Dutch and Ana on the left. Me in the middle.
Trees too
There are trees too. This is magic to the ambience of a city square in RL. It has the same effect in SL. What's needed is maybe a bit of flowers hanging from the windows and stuff. Possibly also some kinda of road-surface different from plywood, but these things take time. It still looks exciting.

Oh... I just heard from Dutch, one of the builders, that Plywood City has been leveled to the ground and will be rebuilt due to "issues".

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