Monday, September 30, 2013

Another sub at Tradewinds

While they discuss if, when and where to have WW2-combats in the Blake Sea, we tend to see more and more warships just outside the Blake. Perhaps it is because the Blake is really too shallow for big ships. Anyway. This time I was just in for a relaxing sail at Tradewinds, when I heard this strange bubbly sound, and no... it was not a busload of champagne. I turned around and saw this.
A Japanese sub at Tradewinds
I really wanted to turn back and look at the beautiful Ernestina, but then something happened. A hatch opened and a plane emerged. I never knew they had planes on submarines!? Anyway, it's the plane that makes me think it is WW2. It really looks like a WW2 movie kinda plane. After a few minutes the plane took off, and the sub seemed to be unmanned. Here's a shot of the "hangar".
A sub with a hangar
It doesn't look much like a landing strip to me. I wonder if they just ditched the plane after it did - whatever it was supposed to do - recon or something. Dunno. It seems like a lot of effort. Bringing a plane on a sub where they could have had loads more torpedoes. It must have had some kind of  purpose.
Peace restored
I hadn't looked at it for more than half a minute before it started to dive. I was a little surprised, because the crew had taken off in the plane. I suppose there was a timer that made it disappear after launch. Whatever. I just stood there and enjoyed watching the sub disappear. Peace restored. Ernestina in the back btw, but now I felt more like going for a short sail. Get the ugly warship out of my head.

Here's more virtual warships. Brrr.


  1. Just in case you are interested in the history of subs being used as aircraft carriers:

    1. Thanx, Justin, that answered a lot of questions. It seems there were quite a few submarines with planes around during or even before WW2.


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