Thursday, September 12, 2013


So I was sitting at the dock watching the sunup at Tradewinds... It was early - way too early - and I was kinda sleepy. I must have blinked or dozed off... cause all of a sudden there was a ship out there. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was like it came out of nowhere.
Not a bad way to start the day, huh?
And it wasn't just any ship. This was a rather big sailboat. A yacht actually. Couldn't really figure out what it was. Needed to get closer. I launched my zodiac and sailed a bit north to hide behind the island. After a few minutes I landed out there and climbed up the island to see this:
It's still there...
Now that looks like a J-class to me. It seems there's noone around. The island is deserted and the boat looks deserted too. Let's see if I can sneak down the right side of the island and get a better shot from behind a tree or something... 
Definately a J-class yacht
Yay! It's definately a J-class. Doesn't look like the ones we already know. The woodwork is beautiful, and look at all those ropes. This has got to be a new mesh J-class. Noone around? I'll get out there and have a closer look:
I barely managed to get this shot. I right clicked and got the name of the builder. Not unknown. Not unknown at all. Then it poofed. No warning or anything. Sometimes SL works in mysterious ways, but who cares as long as this boat comes to life. What a boat. Phew. 

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  1. That not unknown builder, dear Noodle, seems to be on a roll lately, aren't they? And this time they are really outdoing themself, building 2 boats simultaneously it seems like.

    I'm relieved I wasn't so wrong with my first predicton about a reworked J-class coming out next. But there are eyewitnesses and birdies telling me about a completely different boat coming out from that very same not unknown builder.

    We're living in interesting times ;)


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