Friday, September 6, 2013

Stripped or Dux?

I was in "Plywood City" to follow up on the construction work. First I took a couple of pictures of the buildings, and then I went down the marina to get a few boatly shots of those beautiful VO65ers. Now that I look at the pics I notice a tiny little detail. It's something that tells me, the builder knows his stuff. Sailing stuff.
Those beautiful VO65ers in "Plywood Marina"
Do you see it? Hardly. The VO65ers are built with an extreme attention to detail, - as is the Laser, but this little detail is so amazingly sailgeeky, I just gotta blog it. Here it it is again, this time a bit closer... Mind you, I didn't take these pictures to show that particular feature.
Look at the ropes
Now do you see it? There's a hint in the title of this post. Those modern ropes are so strong they are replacing wires. Ropes may not be as long-term durable, but they are stronger and they are way easier to work with - plus they weigh less. That's pretty important. Especially when we're dealing with "stuff" that goes up the mast. (Hint, hint).
Last chance to zoom in and see it! They're either stripped or they're Dynex Dux, I really cannot tell. I'd suspect Dynex Dux. What do you think they are? Apart from very well made that is, hehe. Ok, so it's the back stays. There you have it. I wonder if this is a new feature of the VO65 or if it is really there on my old one. Can't believe I never saw this before. Next time I sail it, I'll look for soft shackles. I bet it hasn't got that. Yet.

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