Friday, October 19, 2012

The Flying Dutchman

There is a spookylicious Halloween show at Tradewinds these days. I went there and looked for the Flying Dutchman, and this is what I found:
Not really the Flying Dutchman I was looking for
Nah... the truth is that Tasha and Co have a spectacular show running, - including a very special Flying Dutchman with spooks, skeletons and what nuts crazy house effects, and that's not all, but come see for yourself. It is way bigger than last year
The real virtual Flying Dutchman
With a bit of luck you might even complete the maze in the belly of the beast, and... Oh I wont reveal it all. See that pumpkin there in the middle? Looks  like it is kinda floating... What will it do? Perhaps this:
How about a sailing pumpkin
A sailing pumpkin! Complete with jib, main, mast and keel... Rumours has it there will be a race with these things. Perhaps not the sleekest and most elegant of yachts, but it does act like a sailboat.
Is that a cousin to the Lock Ness monster?
In fact it's the perfect vessel for a closer look at the Flying Dutchman and the surrounding monsters. Just add garlic and your perfectly safe...

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