Thursday, October 4, 2012


So, there I was. Out for a relaxing walk. Minding my own business. Thinking about nothing special. Enjoying the beauty of the virtual world. Watching birds fishing in the waves... Just zoom in and check the colours here. Amazing...
In fact I was just chilling when...

Sailing into the sunrise; Going 15 knots and rising; Seaspray everywhere. It kinda resembles a VO70, but it is far more lively; Feels like a giant dinghy. Gennaker ready? Gennaker up!
Wooohooo... 22 knots on the meter. Looking good. Little more tight on the sheet there. Hey, this thing will lift the bow and surf even on flat water. Ooops! Luff, luff, luff...
Barely made it round the corner. Was I dreaming? I was on this phantom, super mean sailing machine, which really doesn't exist; Looks kinda like one I've seen sketched.
Waking up
Reality emerged when I almost hit a buoy; I luffed hard to avoid it. Heeled over and got totally soaked and salty, and that's when...

It was all over. Everything was back to normal. Birds and crickets replaced the roar of the huge wake. Peace restored. What a wild and wet dream... what a boat...


  1. So, you really have daydreams of sailboats?
    C'mon now, that's not necessary for in SL we can have the most fancy boats for almost no money, and sail them in perfect conditions ... when LL aren't doing something stupid.

    1. It seems Jane had a similar experience, but honestly... When RL weather sux, I sometimes find myself dreaming of letting it all go, buy a live aboard, sail south...


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