Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Liveaboard show at Tradewinds

Tradewinds is at it again with (yet) another fabulous boatshow. This time the theme is Liveaboards; They come in all shapes and sizes; Small, big, narrow and bulky. Windpowered or gazoline powered. Old fashioned or modern.
Liveaboards at Tradewinds
In the middle you see one of my all times favourite liveaboards, the Morning Star; Or that's what I thought. It turned out to be a shorter version. Right beside it, there is a cutter moored. Looks like ReneMarines beautiful Cutter. In the back - barely visible - is ReneMarines fabulous RM20. Probably the prettiest boat ever made in SL.
Liveaboards at Tradewinds
Here's a shot from the other side of the TYC boatshed. Wildwinds, Loonettas, Trudeaus and many more. And how does all this make sense? I mean, really, how many people go for a virtual weekend cruise? Dunno, - but that's not important. It is great fun to see all these fantastic boats with so many fantastic details.
Liveaboards at Tradewinds
Here's a shot from the opposite direction. Two very different boats in the front. The one to the left is from ReneMarine. There's also a multihull, and if you look closely, there's even a canoe. I think it is Manuls cruising canoe.
Liveaboards at Tradewinds
Walking around, looking, I also found another old friend, - the Tetra 35; I decided to sit down and clear my thoughts, figure out what to write, so here's me taking a rest after looking at all the boats. I'll be back soon with a few more pictures of selected goodies. Ciao...

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