Friday, October 5, 2012

AC72 too big

Interesting read on Dean Barkers blog the other day. The foiling AC72 is a fantastic machine, but apparently it requires too much manpower; It is the not sailing crew, Dean is referring to. It is the shore crew.
Too big even for Americas Cup?
Here's a quote: "The catamarans are great but the AC72's are just way too expensive. Not only is the design and build of the new boats extreme, but then you need a small army just to launch and retrieve the boat each day let alone the work to maintain it."

My first reaction was: Whoa, finally something that's too big and expensive for "Ellisons Cup". Then I calmed down and it occured to me: Maybe this will help move focus from laywers and crazy scientists, -  back to the sailing? Probably not

Read it all on Dean Barkers blog.

Another thought: Larry could buy SL and hold the "Ellison cup" in there. In the virtual world any individual  can  launch and operate a monster like the EC72, err... AC72. No biggie. Then the rest of us can have Americas Cup back. With sailboat sailing.

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