Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween bits

Here's a few more bits more from the Halloween show at Tradewinds. First there's this sub. Not entirely sure how it relates to Halloween, but dark and depressing organ tunes seem to float right out of it. Eeeek, and those bats... go away...
Bats and depressing music
Then there's these two amazing creatures. They are kinda like big and little sis on both hull and saildesign. On the picture they're kinda sailing their separate ways, but in reality there is a convergence thing going on; Bigger boats begin to look more and more like dinghies.
As usual with Dutch Kain boats the details are many and well done. Nothing left untouched or unfinished. Here's a top view:
The VO dressed up for Halloween
The Flying Halloweenish Fizz is almost as detailed, but of course there's a less winches and stuff. I especially like the ghost in the sail; It almost looks like a real class insignia.
The Flying Fizz, Halloweenish edition
In the back you see the entrance to the fabulous Flying Dutchman Halloween experience by Ana. Not only is  it surrounded by monsters, but there are skeletons, spooks, chains, spiders and what nuts on board, and more of it if you dare enter the maze.

PS: More on the Tradewinds site.
PPS: Did anyone try


  1. Noodle: Tell us more about Captain Nemo's sub, seen in the first pix--that certainly looks spooky.

    1. Sure thing, George... Just checked it out and took pics, but need to sleep now.

    2. Sov gott, Cap'n Nemo can wait.


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