Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Touching the finishing mark

I am sure, most sailors are aware of rule 31. It's the one that says you cannot touch a mark while racing. If you do, you can correct the fault by doing a 360. We've seen a few marks touched in the Fizz Cup so far, and no problems there. Sail clear, do the 360 immediately, and your in the clear.
Ziz touching the mark, - or is he?
It's pretty simple. If you foul, you are required by rule 2 Fair sailing to correct the foul - or retire. The correction must be in compliance with rule 44. Sail clear, do the rounds, and do it immediately. I suspect most sailors know they cannot touch the starting mark either. Not before the gun. Not after the gun. A 360 is still the answer.
Krysha, very close to the starting mark.
Now, what happens, if you hit the finishing mark after finishing? After finishing, right! Definitions say that a boat finishes when any part of the boat or crew in normal position crosses the finishline. So, can you touch the finishing mark after finishing? Ofcourse not! Why? Definitions again. A boat is racing until she finishes and clears the finish line and marks. So, all race rules are still active after finishing.
Q is very close to the finishing mark here.
Besides that, rule 31 says you cannot touch a fnishing mark after finishing. If you do, you need to do a 360 and finish again by sailing clear of the line on the course side and crossing it again. Failing do do so will result in a protest from the other sailors or from the RD, and the Jury has no option but to rule a DSQ.

Note that the RD and members of the RC cannot give you a DSQ. They can protest as per rule 60, or they can request the protest committee to take action under rule 69.1 Allegations of gross misconduct.

Incidentally, the shots in this post are here to show how difficult it can be so see, if a boat actually touches a mark. Angles can play tricks, and often you can't be sure unless someone litterally assaults the mark.

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