Monday, September 19, 2011

Fizz Cup inport TYC group 2

Group one sailed at 0600 SLT. Group two was on at 1300 SLT. Here we had six boats at the line: Dahral Huet, Hii2newsplus Writer, Joro Aya, Krysha Lundquist, Quirky Torok and SkyBlue Earthboy.
Right after the gun, - pinfight.
Again, we saw intense racing, and this time we had the SL Coastguard in place to keep strangers from cruising inside the racing area. Zoom in and you can see one of the coastguard ships in the back.
Close racing
Someone suggested that maybe group two wasn't as hard racing as group one. Looking at the shot above, it seems to me it was a pretty close race. They chose differents paths compared to group one, - especially downwind. That changed the lap time, but that's another story.
Top mark rounding. Note the capsize on the reach.
Here we are at the top mark. Talk about sailing on the edge! Check the capsize, - black hull. Dahral had quite a good day taking 1, 4, 1 totaling six points using the lowpoint scoring system. However, the group winner is Joro with 2, 1, 2 and a total of five points.
Skyblue looking for pressure...
We use a special scoring system for the Fizz Cup, so those numbers won't be on the scoreboard. Above, you see Skyblue looking for pressure; Krysha a few boatlengths ahead. Below you see Quirky; Also looking for pressure.
Q looking for a breeze...
Overall, we had lotsa good sailing in group two, and there was a few incidents too. One DSQ for Quirky, and one DNF for Skyblue. I guess the weather was better, when this group sailed. In group one we had more DNFs.

Sipping champagne after a great day at the race track.
Here we are, after finishing group one and two, each group doing three heats. What a great race-day. Thanx all organizers for making this happen; Thanx sailors for fierce and fair racing. Thanx coasties for watching out, and thanx Orcs for standing in RDing for me in group two, where I was unable to be on time.

Details from the Fizz Cup 2011 TYC group 1, - scroll down or click here.

Results on the official scoreboard, here:

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