Sunday, September 11, 2011

Late evening hydrobike ride

There's so many fun things to do, and so many of them happen to be at Tradewinds Yacht Club. This time it is time for a ride on a virtual water bike, a so-called Hydrobike...
The free hydrobike dispenser at Tradewinds
I've tried waterbikes a few times in RL. This one is a little different, because you don't sit as if in a gocart. It is more like a real bike.
Ready, set...
Shorts, bikinitop, click sign to get a bike and hop on. Note the side-by-side tandem beside me. Perfect for a romantic ride with a picnic basket. There is an island just a few minutes from here...
I am off into the sunset. It is rather swift. Easy to ride, and very easy to steer, and should you get tired, there is even a Heineken in the basket. A big one.
How about a Tour de Tradewinds??
Lots of tiny details. Underwater details too. Propeller, rudder and what not. Very nicely made, and the sound reminds me so much of my summerdays on Lac d'Annecy. As a kid I waterbiked my butt off on that lake.
See? Big Heineken!
What a fun little thing this is, - and totally free. Do you know where to try it? Yup, - right... Tradewinds Yacht Club, where the fun begins... Ciao.


  1. I hope your readers haven't forgotten, as I had, how much fun it is to click on your graphics to expand them! Truly GR8 art to be found here! Totally relaxing fun!

  2. Thanx, Doc, that's a very sweet comment. Let me know if you have a favourite, and I'll take some more... Currently my favourite picture is shot one from the post about the Little Cat in the North Sea.


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