Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fizz Cup round two at TRYC

We saw some good sailing at the Fizz Cup round two at TRYC. I was not watching group one sailing, but from what I hear it was close race on an interesting course. Windshifts were definately part of the equation, and Liv had a fantastic day taking a fourth and two firsts.
The group two fleet.
In group two there was only five sailors at the line. Two noshows, and then one sailor chose to switch to group one. There can be a million good reasons for switching groups, but looking at the scores and how it changes those, it can easily become messy. Anyway, the sailing was good. I watched and judged.
Right after the gun.
Here we are, right after the gun. Darhal had an easy win in race one, because those two hunting him chose to "dance" with each other instead. Not very exciting to wait for Darhal to hit a wreck or something. He didn't.
Darhal in front.
Here's Darhal rounding mark one with a comfortable lead. The next race was much more exciting. Everybody chose the port side of the course except Krysha, and what a tactic move that was. Krysha rounded mark one with a huge lead, and she stayed up there for the rest of the race.
Krysha wayyy ahead.
Dunno what Krysha found out there on the SB side of the course, but she went there again on the downwind leg, and the wind was still there. Above you see her leading. Ahem, you might have to click and zoom in,  - in order to see her. She is the dot on the horizon. The second boats is helmed by Darhal, and in third place u see Hii.

Hii going high
In the last race we saw yet another sailor in front. Hii found the right trim and got off to a good start. Above you see Hii overtaking Darhal right after the start. Darhal was on the hunt for most of the first two legs, but a capsize right after the seconds mark was enough. Hii never looked back after that. That thing in the back right is the hovering spectator platform. A very nifty feature of SL.
Ouch... capsize right after the gun.
All in all we had a great set of races with protests, capsizes and great tactics all steered by the steady hand of RD Orca; Not entirely sure how many judges were there. Three is sufficient, and I guess it's accurate to say we were more than covered. Anyway, we had a great time. 

After finishing the inport races, there was a long distance time trial. Results have not yet been published as far as I can see, but I hear than - again - there were problems and therefore many DNFs.

More on the Fizz Cup here.


  1. Thanks for this nice post, Noodly. I can assure you that group 1 was maybe a bit "better" than group 2. Don't want to judge on sailing abilities here but the fleet was closer together in the first slot and fought a bit harder. Yes, it was just more exciting to view than group 2.

  2. Thanx Orcs. I agree that group one looks a bit stronger. Let's hope someone from group two can surprise us. Oh, and lovely after party ;-)

  3. a lil footnote from me: Joro just switched to group 1 cause Sandra from group1 was not sure if she can make it at 1pm and wanted to go to 6am group.. (another footnote: we were 3 judges;)) 3rd (and that is subjective now): I don't see that gap between the groups concerning skills.
    LG* Silber

  4. Thanx for clearing the up, Silber. It is a good thing, that there is a reason for the group switch. It should really be announced on the official Fizz Cup info-board.
    I had a hunch we ended up being three judges, and about the gap, well... they are all good enough to win on a good day, so it is a tiny gap.

  5. eeks, different way..;)) Sandra wanted to go to 1pm.. anyways;) hope, she will be back in 3rd round and that we'll see great competition again and fair winds, also on Sunday :))


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