Friday, September 23, 2011


It doesn't have to be about sailing, but steampunk?! I was unaware of the genre, till I logged into Tradewinds a few weeks back. There was a Steampunk exhibition. Steampunk, it seems, is a mix of past and future leading to a strange breed of steam powered spaceships of sorts.
A steampunk submarine
Strange, yet somehow interesting. Ships, subs, planes, spacestations whatever we know today - packed in a pre-WWII design and powered by steam. Here's me, looking - staring actually - at a fascinating creature. A bug-like submarine, which frankly gives me the creeps. The design reminds me of Captain Nemo's Nautilus, but to be fair... I think he was technologically way past steam powered engines.
A day cruiser?
This next one isn't less weird, but at least the passengers can breathe fresh air. Beautifully crafted in that almost melancholic old fashioned way. Maybe the Steampunk people are hopeless romantics? Hey, maybe I should meet one of those guys :-D
Pretty simple machines, huh!
Here's a picture of the engine in another boat. I searched a little and it seems there are places in SL, entire cities, totally devoted or is it "hopelessly devoted"  to steampunk. Go there if ur into it. I found it interesting, but I am glad that Tradewinds now has a boatbuilder exhibition. Loads of interesting boatprojects underway. Back to sailing again :-)

Next up, more Fizz Cup racing. Here is an intro.

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