Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Right before Christmas I had a really fun day at Tradewinds. I met this guy, Tibbybob. He was very interested in sailing, and he asked me to show him some of my favourite boats. So I took him sailing in three of Qyv Inshans beautiful boats. Here's the first one. It's the QSM40 modeled after Pelle Pettersons SM40.
The QSM40
It's such a pretty boat. Comes with spinnaker too. However, the QSM40 is designed for one person, and currently can be sailed by one person only. Imagine the fun we could have with two, three or even four persons on board, - all of them involved in balance and trim. Yay! There's a challenge for the new year. A boatkit supporting four active sailors has existed for years, so it is definately possible.
The Q2m
The next one was a little smaller and a little simpler. It's the little sister, the Q2m. Again, a beautiful boat and a truly faithfull replica of a real boat. Takes two people and sails like a dream. No spin but the jib can be winged. It's one of my absolute favorites so far. The luffing sails are so nicely made. If less is more, then Qyv got the message. First the QSM40, then the Q2m and after that followed the Q-Scow.
The Q-Scow
A little smaller and a little simpler yet. Only one sail to mess with. It's an absolute blast for a beginner. Easy to sail plus there's room for an experienced sailor in the "passenger-seat". Like the others, it has full WWC support, so you have wind, waves and current plus local variantions. So what's next? If you look closely at the picture from the Tradewinds boatshow, you'll see a 2.4m R boat - aka a mini-12. I suppose that's about the smallest boat you can make for a single grown person. Be back with more details on that.
Qyvs boat yard in the back
Here's a view towards Qyvs boatyard. It's positioned just north of the North Sea. In the picture it's just across the strait, in the back to the left of the mast of my Bolero II. How can you build anything but pretty boats in an area like this, right. Oh, and don't think Qyv only makes small boats. Here's a close up...
All (most) all the Q-boats
It's an interesting lineup. Dingys, daysailors, matchracers, ACAs, VOs with swingkeels, multihulls... there's something for just about everybody, - in modern design. If you want classics, you're probably better off visiting Trudeau's boat yard. If you're into modern boats, this is it!! Qyv absolutely has a talent for building sexy, sleek, modern boats.
Qyv's lineup
It's the perfect place for a dedicated sailor to spend some time walking around looking. It's just like visiting a real boat yard, except these ones we can all afford. Oh, and there's one really neat thing about virtual boats: They can be in demo mode, - on display with the sails up;
More boats...
The 2.4m R isn't there yet; Like I said... can't wait to show you some pics of that little beauty. I'll post it in a few days. If you absolutely must have more on Qyv's boats, here's more on the QSM40, the Q2m and the Q-scow.

Some time ago I also visited Balduins Boatyard, maker of the Bolero and the Cottom Blossom and more.

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