Friday, March 1, 2013

Cruising around Fastnet

I haven't had much time for virtual sailing lately, so here's a couple of shots from a wonderful cruise in the virtual Laser. The pics were taken before the windvane, but obviously the boat was perfectly sailable.
Reaching past Fastnet Rock
There's a lotta places to go if you're just looking for a relaxed cruise; Palms and sandy beaches are easily found. However, the Sharp-Tooth-Isle is such a majestic build; Can't help it;
Reaching into the sunset
This is one of those things that would actually be fun to transmorph from the virtual world to the real world. A sunset-ride around the Fastnet Rock in a Laser, right?
Fumbling with the camera
One of those few things. Mostly, we wanna take things from RL and make them virtual. The photos for instance... Why can I not have one of those neat little cameras on my virtual boat taking a pic every 30 seconds? There's definately a market for virtual accessories.
Luffing time
Time to change course or we will reach inhabited aeas on the other side of the Blake. Left Dutch there hanging in the exhaust. Yes, the Laser will come with shadowing, and wooohooo that makes it so much more interesting for racing.
Changing course
Fine graphics, smooth sailing, shadowing and windvane is probably enough to make this a smash hit. Still, there's a few things missing. I am crossing my fingers. You never know... Dutch seems to love surprises almost as much as I do.
Going home
Whatever will happen, this lil post here shows how lovely the Laser is for cruising. At least I hope so. Oh  and remember: There's actually just room for a passenger. Just in case you wanna hold hands while you watch the virtual sunset. Whichever the case, chill out and have a great weekend, - or get a virtual Laser and have an even greater weekend.

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