Thursday, March 14, 2013

Let it snow...

Not too long ago I met Ahab at Tradewinds. We talked about 1st and 2nd life, and we agreed that - woohoo - soon it will be summer; More real sailing and less virtual sailing. Alas, yesterday morning I woke up to this:
Spring is here. NOT!
I posted a few more wintery shots on my tumblr. Don't go there. It'll only make you depressed. I guess I'll have to prolong my stay in SL this season. So, do I hate snow? Not at all. I love skiing. 1st life skiing that is. It is just that... it's really time for some 1st life sailing before we forget how to, right? Talk to you soon, Ahab :-D


  1. Brrrr, cold :( I'vwe heard about a lot of snow in the northern parts of europe and miserable cold and all the stuff we don't want. But fear not, we have already ordered perfect summer weather for when we visit germany in june/july. And if that doesn't work we'll just bring some african weather over with us. Worked perfectly last year :)

    1. African weather sounds nice and warm. Does it come without snakes and with cool drinks?

  2. We shall try to leave then snakes here, they are not funny on a plane :)


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