Thursday, March 14, 2013

Back to virtual sailing

Coming up: Loads of snow these next five days. First life is gonna be a true wintery landscape. Almost Christmas-like if you like! Less dark but still. Where can I catch a few sunrays then?
That relaxing sound inside a moored boat
That's right. The virtual sun is always shining. Yeah! But... it's not the real thing. There's really no vitamins there. Even if I max out the brightness there's no vitamins, no tan.
Virtual sunshine is better than no sunshine
Still, the virtual sun is - somehow - able to trick the mind into - hmm - that summery mood. A mood I so miss this time of year. Especially when the weatherboy talks about a blizzard.
Virtual island life
That's when that virtual island life becomes so very interesting. Blue water all the way from where ever to the horizon and beyond. Thousands of little islands and blue lagoons to explore.
Is that a surfboard back there? 
Marinas, boatyards, lighthouses, surfboards, sandy beaches... so much summer. It's all over the place. Well, except those sims where the owner chooses to have snow. Let's avoid those...

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