Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Looking good

1-1-2-7 and leading race five... Looking good so far... Very good. WOOOOOT; Go go go!
Oh Yeah! Race five won... and a second place in race six. Whooohoooo...
Go go go 
And the 49ers were leading as well. All this excitement! It is almost unbearable. Will this last?


  1. I'm beginning to think Noodle might be Danish?

    1. Come on, Tillerman, Noodle isn't alone-- I'll bet Paul Elvstrøm is also tickled by this development.

  2. I shall have to post a 49er pic with the Danish spinnaker flying

  3. Teehee Tillerman. I'll admit I am kinda cheering for Jonas. Please post that pic JP. Maybe that'll motive the Danes to sail (even) better.

  4. I've posted one Danish 49er with kite up and have more if you like. At least they didn't capsize unlike the Brits, Finns, Germans etc


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