Monday, July 23, 2012


There's nothing like a great sunset by the sea. It is quiet and calming, and yet it is a magnificent and heartfilling experience. Of course the real thing can't be beaten, but this virtual sunset here...
Virtual sunset
... It's not too bad. The colours are great; The seashore is well made, but check the sea and the sea foam. It's truly amazing. And then there's the sounds on top of it. I almost miss the virtual sunset, teehee... Warm and fair winds to all summer cruisers out there... real and unreal...

PS: After weeks of easy summer cruising I also begin to miss some racing action.


  1. Oh, such beauty described, but I'm afraid you missed the most glorious aspect of the scene: the reflection of the sunset in your lovely eyes and the smile that spreads across yous lips as you take it all in. Such views are best shared.
    Welcome back.

  2. Its one of those unforgettable moments, to watch it with the ones you love!
    We love and never miss any (me and my soul mate), be on our OS grid region, our homestead or as since yesterday in our lil spot on the blask sea as well;), our summer island:)

  3. Thanx guys :-) My sunset here was seen on a secret spot with a spanish name. Jim, you've been there. Seen the hammock too.


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