Saturday, September 26, 2015

Pirates reported

Isn't it just amazing what people build in SL... Anything that sails from tiny one man boats such as the Quest Q2.4mR to huge pirate ships - aka Tallships! Check this out:
I kinda like this picture
It doesn't have to be sailed by pirates. I suppose Lord Nelson or Tordenskiold would fit in very nice too... The only thing missing in the virtual waters are modern big sailboats... boats like "The Maltese Falcon"... and perhaps it would be nice with a few Wallys too... The "Wally Esence" looks appealing. (Yes, there is a missing s).


  1. Is that the ship whose little-girl captain sank Katana's Ktaba? That wee girl was so desperate for battle she rezzed a cannon on the Tradewinds dock so we could fire back, but we didn't want to fight that day, nor did we want to join forces with her despite her offer of gold, but Katana did rez some skeletons so the cap could have a ... yes ... skeleton crew. On my honor, this really happened!

    1. Ahoy! Dunno what you're talkin' about. I never rezzed a six pounder at Tradewinds YC except for t' one on me Apache helicopter ;-) Oh, t' other Tradewinds... Not me either, but I did watch a fight recently. Arrr... (Please leave a name in your comment)

  2. Twas I, LunaAzulejo, what left that comment.


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