Monday, September 21, 2015

Containership at Tradewinds

Here's something I haven't seen before: A virtual containership. It is also - by far - the smallest containership I have ever seen in either worlds.
What's in a virtual container?
So, what's a virtual container contain? What goods need transportation? It can't be toydolls from China, and it can't be cars from Germany. So what is it? Bits and bytes needed for new land somewhere? BTW: It flies a Norwegian flag...
Nuke-plant in disguise?
I took a brief look inside and whoa! By the looks of the controls this is a nuclear plant in disguise. Who'd have guessed that? Ok, perhaps it is just a nuclear powered containership. In that case it is probably the first of its kind.
Top view
Ooops. Probably not nuclear powered after all, or else there's something burning in the kitchen. So once again, anyting's possible. Always dreamt of steering your own containership - only slightly smaller than Emma Maersk - this is it...

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