Saturday, September 12, 2015

A ferry I know

Sidetracked. As usual. I was gonna take a look at Michies 60 foot sailboat. I saw it docked at Tradewinds, and it looked great. Looking at Michies boatshop however, I saw something really amazing... Something I know. Something I sailed in RL. I saw this:

It is - ofcourse - the Hundested-Rørvig ferry. A tiny ferry that transports happy families from Hundested to Rørvig, a well know Danish summerhouse area on the north side of Zealand.
The danish ferry
Yes, the paintjob isn't excactly the same, but the shape and the overall layout matches pretty much a hundred percent. Besides, Michie named the boat Dannebrog, a much used name for Danish ferries. It is the name of our flag.
The bridge is more of a shed
I was always excited to sail with this. It's so small and open that it made my heart beat just a little faster. Especially when there were waves. Sometimes we'd sit in the car and turn on the vipers as wave-spray would hit the car. The trip lasts 20 minutes at the most, and there's an icecream shop on either side, so the worries never lasted long.
Captain on the bridge
So, Michie, if you read this, thanx a bunch for bringing back fond memories. I spent a few hours sailing around the Second Norway waters looking for islands with a Danish touch. It is difficult to find realistic and true Danish waters in SL.
Looking for cars
Now, if only I could find a harbour where I can load some cars. Then, off to summer-holiday-land. Question is where are they?! And where's the friggin charts and GPS and stuff...
Visual navigation
I suppose there's no need for all that. It's a small ferry, so just reduce speed and stay in the middle. Hmm... these islands has houses... but they're too small to have a landing spot for this baby. AHH LOOK! Finally, - a Danish Island on port side... wooohoooo!!! 
Danish island
... and in the back there's even something that (kinda) resembles Nyhavn, Copenhagen. I'd better cruise around for a bit and see what's going on here. Nyhavn is famous for beer, food and party. Hmm. Cheers... (And I'll get back to that 60-footer ;-)

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