Sunday, September 13, 2015

A new RM30 is underway

Rumours has it there is a new RM30 underway. Supposedly it has the same hull and the same delicious interior, but... the sailing engine is completely revamped. There will now be two steeringmodes. One is simple and car-like, - a sort of arcade mode if you like. The other one is the interesting one. It's gonna be "advanced", "life-like" or "realistic" whatever that entails.
Pink day celebrated on the RM30
Also, will be new CAM positions and much improved crossings. I haven't sailed the new RM30 yet, but I assume this isn't just a matter of switching back and forth between car-steering and normal boat steering. (Car: Turn left on the wheel and the car goes left; Boat: Pull the tiller right to go left.) Mastersinn has tested ReneMarines new and realistic sail-script, and he was very excited. In fact he said, it will be way beyond its contemporaries. We'll see about that, but I am looking forward to try a seaworthy boat that has great sailing characteristics. I'll give it go and post about it here, once I have it. Till then...

Update: It just landed in my inbox. Oh, I wish RL updates was as easy as this ;-) Don't have time to do a full test right now, but a quick test ride sais it is extremely low lag.

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