Sunday, June 28, 2015

Exciting times

It is exciting times. While I have been busy living my RL, the boat builders in SL have been busy building new boats. A quick walk around at Tradewinds confirms this. There are at least four very different animals there. First there is the superfresh Volkboat; Here's a freshly squeezed lemon edition:
A freshly squeezed Volkboat, lemon edition
Right next to the Volkboat is the next delicious dish served from Craigs Kitchen. It is the Cirya; A beautifully crafted and well sailing classic with loads of details, - and... and quite possibly even with an interior. That's a new thing for Ktaba boats:
The beautiful Cirya from Craigs Kitchen
Right opposite the Cirya there's another new and very modern boat: The supercool RM 30 from ReneMarine. This is no oldtimer. Rather it is a supermodern cruiser with double rudders and an extreem torpedo keel; Sails like a dream, and there's the usual high quality interior of RM boats.
The supercool RM30. I want one for my RL holidays
And finally the Shields project. This was not on display, so I had to go and get me one. It's a - Oh I dunno what it is, but it looks great; Kinda like a cross between an Soling and Manuls Ten. Or sumding. In any case it's a yummy day cruiser, and I look forward to loads of easy cruising with her. Apparently she is raced quite actively too, so get one if u wanna race. The price cannot be beaten as she is free.

Update: Thanx to ZZ I now know what a Shields is. It is an updated IOD mostly seen in the US.  I certainly never saw a Shields in Europe. In case you dunno what an IOD is, here's a few links to IODs already found in SL: T-One, Ktaba 20 and the Bolero. ZZ was kind enough t o provide a link about the Shields in her comment. I'll repeat the link here. Thanx, again ZZ.
The yummy daycruiser, the Shields
On top of these four boats, I have at least 10 other boats waiting to be tested in my inventory. Gosh. It is almost stressing me out. Nah... just kidding. It's gonna be loads of fun. Just need to find some more playing time. Oh, well... and bad weather. Otherwise I'll be out playing with real boats, getting soaked in real waves. Till next time...


  1. The shields.

    1. Thanx. I must admit I never heard of the Shields, so double thanx as I've learned something. I have updated the post with a few details on the Shields. Cheers :-) Noodle

  2. The Bolero, brings a smile to my face. I haven't sailed my SL one for ages, maybe it's time to drop her into the water and go for a cruise. When new to SL sailing I logged many many miles with this beauty.

    1. Yeah me too. Many miles. I remember the Bolero for its super relaxed sailing on long cruises. I wonder where Balduin Aabye, the builder, is these days.


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