Monday, June 1, 2015

Turn up the heat please

After the coldest may I have ever experienced... Please, dear powers that may be: Turn up the heat. I really need some genuine sunny sailing weather. Kinda like this:
Of course the virtual sun is always shining, - provided I click the right buttons. I can almost - almost - find a spot in SL that looks and sounds kinda like this utube thing. But I cannot feel the waves and the wind, and the sound just never get as diverse. It just isn't enough in the long run.
Nah. Nothing beats real wind, real salt stains and real waves... Sometimes I am thinking, why am I not living in Provence? Lavendar, Moules mariniéres, Pastis, la mer et la soleil. Oh and that very special rose wine they make there... accompanied by a salad chevre chaud... Add to that skiing withing a two hour drive. I am not meant to be in this cold viking land.


  1. My wife feels the very same way. She's a bad Swede. Won't even come to the ice rink with me.

    1. So it isn't just me. Thank You George. I was beginning to think I was "off course" :-D


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