Thursday, June 25, 2015

Folkebåd, Folkboat

Sadly, I don't have much time for virtual sailing these days. However, there's no regrets as first life sailing takes precedence. Still... there are things in SL worth noticing. One of these things is Anas latest... the Folkboat. It seems to be called Folkboat out there in the english speaking parts of the world. The danish name really is the same as VolksWagon where wagon replaced with boat, so I tend to call it the Volksboat... not that it is a german boat in any way...
Anas Folkboat
Here it is. She is very pretty and very true to the original RL version. This is here is me and Ana having a boat talk a few days before the launch. It's Anas feet sticking up.
There are loads of details. At a certain point we may have been concerned about the mesh-graphics, but now... There's no way we'd do without it. It has enabled Ana, Dutch, Rene, Craig, Qyv, Trudeau, Nomad, Burt, Victor and all the other boatbuilders to take their boats to another level of realism. At least on the visual side.
Instruments too
See! I can't remember ever seeing such a vast array of screens in a Folkboat cockpit. Ever. But never mind. The sailing is so interesting and challenging you won't have time to read those numbers anyway. A glance from time to time? Maybe... 
Ana explaining bits and pieces
What does that mean? I thought the Folkboat was easy to sail. Well, it is... sort of. It is just that Ana wanted something new, extraordinary and quite lifelike - as in RL like, so she kinda changed the way things work a bit. It is more RL and less SL like... you see, the two sails will need to be trimmed separately, whereas most SL boats do trim all sails as one. This is far more involving than you'd think, and I'll get back to that when I find a rainy day to go virtual sailing.

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