Friday, June 13, 2014

Crazy week

After yet another crazy week in RL, - SL offers five minutes of relaxation and dreaming...
Have a break
It's not nearly as good as the real thing, but it's enough to kinda get in the mood. That slow-moving empty minded state you're in when your moored in RL with absolutely nothing to do except tanning, swimming and maybe brewing a coffee to go with the freshly sliced fruits...
Good mooring
All you gotta do is rez a boat, sail for a few minutes and then start looking for a good mooring spot. I think I found one...
Good relaxing
There's plenty of areas just right for this kind of non-action action. The beauty of this virtual world keeps impressing me. The builders continue to add new details: Graphics, sounds, animals and what not. Check this out...
Motoring about
And when ever you've had enough, with a push of a button you are under sail and the ocean is right there... Ahhh! If only I could have a boat like this in RL. Thanx Dutch - for building the virtual edition.
Going for the big blue
To all sailors out there: Have a great weekend. Let's get out and find some real water to sail...

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