Sunday, November 10, 2013

Monday morning quiz

For those of you out there feeling razor sharp on a monday morning: What's wrong in this picture?
What's wrong here?
I can think of at least five things...


  1. posi lights
    bad position for anchoring, too close to shore
    why fenders out?
    flag hoisted after dark
    fugly boat

  2. - Wrong lighting configurations. When at anchor, a vessel must show an all-round white light.
    - Lack of Trip Lines (aka Anchor Buoys)
    - No possible swing of 360 degrees about the anchor (too close to shore)
    - Belgium flag :)
    - Noodle still out late at night !

  3. 1) No anchor lights 2) Double set of nav lights, 3) Fenders out 4) Flag after darkness 5) Bad position for anchoring 6) The burgee should have a separate flagline. Oh and I am allowed to be out after dark ;-)


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