Tuesday, July 1, 2014

It's still there

Just checking... Yes, SL is still there and TYC still exists. Pheew. Not that I thought otherwise.
Look! It's still there...
Would be fun to go Laser racing, but hey... I just did... with real water, hehe. It's summer! My computer is asleep in the drawer along with wintery clothes.
Ahoy there!
Well, almost asleep. Couldn't resist a little trip round the race course. Just fifteen minutes round the local waves and all sorts of boats pop up.
Hey look... the new Q2m!
There was a Becca Sloop Light and a Becca Sloop sailing around TYC. South of Dex I saw a Loonetta and the new Q2m - which I have yet to try. Someone passed me in a Cotton Blossom, and I also saw a Trudeau of sorts; One of the newer ones. Oh, and then I visited Craigs kitchen... Who said SL is a lonely experience with no users? Not so. Get a boat and you meet all sorts of people.

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  1. Hi Ahab! Here's a little message for you. Have a great summer... I am looking forward to the show at TYC in august.


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