Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sailing time

The RL racing season has begun; So far it's not very hot but at least it is salty. The virtual sailing isn't exactly salty. Au contraire. I mean, you really can't tell the difference between ocean water and sweet water. Still, there is a certain amount of hard-to-describe saltyness about the virtual sailing.
After a busy Easter I logged in to check the saltyness of Tradewinds. The first thing that appeared on my screen was a message from an old friend. He'd seen a dress that he thought I absolutely needed to have. I went to the store to see it. It was supersalty, so I bought it right away. It's the one I am wearing on these photos. Thanx Netrom...
Bwind X?
Back to Tradewinds. As you can see the saltyness is intact. There was also a couple of salty "things" at Tradewinds. Unexpected ones even. This here is a BWind of sorts. It looks like an update of that old BWind dinghy, the Spark. Dunno what it sails like, but the version was 2.03 or something. It would seem that Becca is still around. We just don't see her much.
The beautiful Q-2m
Here's another pretty and salty thing: The Q-2m. It's an old boat in SL terms, but rumours has it that Qyv will rebuild it in mesh. If the mesh Q-2m comes with more trimming options, - it's gonna be just about the perfect daycruiser. More on that in another post.
Ahab's boat
Ahab wasn't around this time. However, he left a boat on the west dock. It looks like a Rene-re-build that we've seen before. Not sure if it really is a new version, but the version number indicated it was in prerelease state. Perhaps it's just an old prerelease, but in any case it looks great, rather salty and very wooden. Unlike the boat to the left in the back...
A steel Bandit 50?
I dunno how you all feel about steel boats? Me, I never really understood the concept. It's cold, it's noisy, it's slippery and it's rusty no matter what steel quality they use. Besides, it reminds me of ferries. Not the kind of feeling I want to have when packing for a two week cruise. Still, I suppose it is also (somewhat) of a matter of taste? And it may be better suited for icy waters. In any case here's a Bandit 50; Steel edition. Nice work, but I must admit that to me it looks a little weird. Cheers...

PS: As a salty sidedish there's a new virtual Moth around. Here's a post about the old virtual Moth. And... here's a link to Orcas scriblings about the new virtual Moth.


  1. Steel hulled boats do sound rather reassuring when you're in waters where there are icebergs of any size. And those Challenge 72s seemed to be up to racing in the roughest of conditions.

    1. True but brrrr... who'd ever wanna go there?

  2. Anymore there's so many overboard containers and other trash that I think a steel hull is becoming mandatory. Sadly, the oceans are a heaving cesspool of junk.

    1. Yeah, it's sad. It's more than sad. I watched stuff on youtube about those plastic islands in the middle of the pacific. Yuck. But that won't break the hull. I wonder what will break if you hit a container at say 12 knots. Steel hull or container?

  3. Hate to think about that. Need a double clad ice-breaker bow. I'm surprised that we haven't witnessed the lost of a Volvo Ocean Racer (and her crew) since they go 20 knts in the dark...


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