Tuesday, April 8, 2014


I never get tired of looking at those billions of shades of blue... It's so magical. This time of year those images are so far away... in the back of my mind, but SL comes to rescue... (Yeah, click to enlarge)
Turns out there's also blue water over at Alex and Taru's. Seems someone else is also missing the blue. Anyway. Yesterday I visited a pirate themed sim. There were no pirates around, so I took my time and relaxed a bit.
Ahh... the soft sound of waves hitting the shore. Sitting under a palm, enjoying he virtual sun while it's pouring down in RL. Pirate life is surely sweet.
If it gets too windy there's always a little shed somewhere nearby. This one isn't very pirate-ish. It looks more like a lovenest of sorts. Sadly there's no Jack Sparrow around, but the champagne was tasty.
What's in those barrels?
I looked everywhere. I guess the pirates are elsewere; Perhaps there's a Pirates Convention somewhere. I know there's a Swedish Pirate Party as in political party. Hmm.. Found loads of pirate stuff.. rhum bottles, barrels, old guns and a pot with some kind of stew.
The ship
I strolled down the beach and found this much more orderly looking shoreline-park-thingy. While I sat there thinking about those magical blue colours, my internet radio played this (also) pretty magical piece of music. I never heard anything like it, so I had to look up the playlist; It's Pink Martini-Kikuchiyo To Mohshimasu. Enjoy! One of these days, I'll have to get me a magic pirate ship with an internet radio and go sailing...


  1. Noodle! If you are a Pink Martini fan be sure to listen to their cover of "Lilly". A nice Afro-Cuban dance vibe that I definitely plan to use for ice dance. China Forbes has an amazing voice on that piece. Sadly I think she had to have vocal cord surgery after their first couple of albums.

    1. I am now! Pink Martini fan. There's a couple of live recordings on youtube. Been listening to those on repeat for the past few days. Lilly is wonderful, but they have so many wonderful songs... That jazzy Bolero of theirs is simply amazing...


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