Saturday, December 8, 2012

Fizz Cup 2012 finals

The Fizz Cup 2012 finals took place today, and it was a spectacular day at the race track. We all met in the north east corner of the Blake Sea. Racers, spectators and Fizz Cup crew. The Blake Sea was in a good mood, so we had four lovely races with very few technical problems and some really nice sailing.
Fizz Cup 2012, start
Very briefly, - until I find the time for a detailed post: There was a good fight, but in the end Silber Sands turned out to be pretty untouchable; Here's the results of the four races and a total with one throwaway:

1. (1,2,1,1:3) Silber Sands
2. (7,1,3,2:6) Ralf80 Titanium
3. (2,4,2,3:7) Ronin Zane
4. (7,3,4,4:11) Ayahoshi Resident
5. (3,5,7,5:13) Krysha Lundqvist
6. (4,6,5,6:15) Kris Hollysharp

Congrats to all, and stay tuned for more details. Check the official Fizz Cup 2012 site for all details about the cup, and... there's a few more pics on Orcas blog.

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