Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Explore & Rescue Show

There's the Fizz Cup, the brand new virtual Nacra 17, the updated Ktaba 20 and so much more exciting stuff going on right now, when I really need to get back to RL and get ready for Xmas. However, there is also a fantastic Explore and Rescue Show at Tradewinds...
The Explore & Rescure Show
Here's me near the lighthouse, where there's a board helping you to navigate all the different Search and Rescue boats. There's also Harbourmaster Ahab's latest toy. In the back there's a pretty big coastguard vessel. Probably the biggest Coastguard vessel I've seen inworld.
Smaller coastguard
Here's a smaller Coastguard vessel. It is just arriving, finding it's place by the piers. I think it had Colin Nemeth behind the wheel. Too big for ya? You want ribs?
Ribs with guns
You name it, we got it :-) Here's a couple of ribs. There's even one with guns. I hope it is armoured like those bulletproof vests, or else it isn't much of a combat vessel. One hit anywhere, and you'd be "out of air".
Onboard rib bay
This one I kinda like. It's a true mothership with a rib in an onboard bay. The amount of details in these boats is simply amazing. I wouldn't be surprised if it's actually able to launch that rib.
A small yellow submarine
No rescue op without a sub. Here's one. It kinda reminds me of those minisubs used by Jacques Cousteau on his amazing voyages with the Callypso
An even smaller yellow submarine
Right across the pier is another one; Single seater. Kinda cute. These two here are yellow, Cousteau's sub was yellow, and in a few pictures down there's another yellow minisub. How come? Why must minisubs be yellow? It can't be because of that song, Yellow Submarine, can it?
Look down
Here's another strange vessel. It like a floating crane with a platform on the side for exploring the underwater world, and sure enough, there is a sunken boat down there. Wanna see it?
Sunken boat
Looks kinda new. Not like the sunken sub that is to be found elsewhere around Tradewinds. I won't tell where. There's gotta be something left to explore.
More coasties
Over on the west side of Tradewinds there are even more coasties. They seem to come in all kinds of shapes and colours. Here's three of them; The one in the back has a helipad with a helicopter just like the one seen in the air on the first picture.
Yet another yellow submarine
Then there's the Scuba Bear boat with yet another yellow submarine. Check it out and beware of the bear. He's on the bridge. Next to the Scuba Bear is this amazing vessel:
Amazing explorer vessel
This one has it all: Moonbuggy, helipad with helicopter, powerful rib, a crane pluse loads of space below deck; There's even another helicopter on board, hidden inside. It's not unlike the one I flew almost a year ago. There's also a Christmas Quest... Go see what it is...
View from a bridge
Finally there's a view over Tradewinds from the bridge of that big coastguard vessel. It's pretty obvious that there's loads of boats to see, and I haven't even mentioned there's an entire area dedicated to planes and helicopters. Nuff said; Go see for yourself... I'll go sail the virtual Nacra 17.

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