Monday, May 23, 2011

Kanker day

The other day was Kanker day, - celebrating the invention of sailing in SL. This is really too geeky for my blog, but Kanker Greenacre built the first boat in SL, the Tako, and so the SL Sailing community marks this important day on the 16th of May.
Me looking at all the Takos at TYC
I was not around when the Tako was built - back in 2005; In fact I never even met Kanker, but I sailed the Taco a few times. Compared to modern boats, I don't really find it interesting as a sailing simulation. Wrote a bit about it here; Nevertheless, in its day the Tako was close to a miracle, and most boats are still based on the Tako.
Takos at Tradewinds
Here's a better view. Behind me you see different custom Takos. I am told it was quite a big racing class. I suppose, now it has been superseeded by more modern boats such as the Flying Fizz, the Q2m, Bolero, ACA, Leetle Cat and many more.
Me and Balduin talking historic boats
Above you see me and Balduin of Bolero Fame talking historic boats. Today we have lots of yacht builders, yacht clubs, cruisers, races, RDs and hangarounds. All thanx to the Tako. Go see the full coverage of Kanker day at Tradewinds Yacht Club. Link to the right.
My next post will be purely about sailing. I promise.


  1. Question: why you always put your chest in the foreground of each photo? héhé :)

  2. Do I? Nah, not really. Scroll down and see that I don't. I just think photos without people are uninteresting; Besides, it's rude to turn your back on the audience :-D


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