Monday, February 28, 2011

Working boat show

Tradewinds at it again. Last time there was a show on, it was about seaplanes. This time is is about working boats. How they do it is a mystery to me, but somehow Tasha manages to find the most amazing boats all over SL.
Old timers at the working boat show.
They are all there... Cutters, trawlers, ferrys, tankers, rescue boats, sand-pumpers, tugboats and what-nuts in old timer style with sails, and in modern design with diesel engines. Speaking of diesel, it seems sails are on the verge of becoming modern style again in this poluted world. Maersk is focusing on the diesel consumption; Mostly talk atm. Others are not just talking. Have a look at Skysails. One day they will go by sail again.
Tankers, fisherboats, cranes, rescue boats...
I know other companies are experimenting with sails or commercial ships. Kinda strange thought; But nice. One boat type that was not represented was cruise ships. Neither engine powered or sail driven. Yes, cruising around the world by sail is possible. Check this link. So why can't I get a ticket to cross the channel like that?
Tugboats, fisherboats and more...
One day I will be able to do that. I am sure. It might take an hour more, maybe two, but really... if it does not burn any fuel, wouldn't that make the bill smaller? No polution and smaller bills? Sounds almost too good to be true, but I so wanna believe in it.

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